Uochi Toki


The Uochi Toki duo, Rico and Napo, play the Galaxies and the depths of the Earth with samplers, and they tell of Everything, Nothing, and Something through their disconnected rap. They come from anassortment of geographic locations and they often change their place of residence, moving around in any given place, making it quite difficult to give a simple answer to the “where are they from?” question. The pair first got together during adolescent Fremen get-togethers in the wastelands of anonymous cities with no traditions in northwestern Italy. They grew they synchronicity and accord outside of the classic recording rooms, preferring more original and colorful ways to tame the Great Metal Worms; they then gave up this practice to take up direct observation of emptiness and fullness. They recorded their first albums with zero notion of what a label or self-production was, but just working out in the fields to earn enough money to print what they needed (see: “Scusate secondo voi il dentifricio costituisce ancora uno status symbol?”). They later met the buccaneers of Burp Publications (in “Vocapatch”, “Uochi Toki”, and “Laze Biose”), the guys at Wallace Records (in “La chiave del 20”), and the architects of Tempesta Dischi (in “Libro Audio”, “Cuore Amore Errore Disintegrazione”, and

“Idioti”) to finally put into practice what they had learned; they sometimes worked with the alchemists at Corpoc (in “Distopi” and “Cystema Solari”), sometimes simply on their own, with no label and no press office (in “Macchina da Guerra”). In 2015 they came out again under the Tempesta Dischi label with “Il Limite Valicabile”, a sort of hypertext geographical map on a double CD that gives a sort of overview before moving onto further observation. The Uochi Toki have perfected an open, modular live system that proposes a format that is one third sounds, one third words, and one third drawing, including improvisations that create differences from one performance to another. Depending on how far they have come, the performance can seem complete, but it could still be changed according to what subsequent Surfing might suggest. Besides the various projects that they work on alone (Rico as the live, in-studio sound technician and Napo as the drawing artist who goes by the pseudonym Lapis Niger), they both actively collaborate with Megabaita, a team that creates models for imaginary anime, to produce teasers (for “Cystema Solari”), destructured videoclips (Ovo “I Cannibali”, and Uochi Toki “Voglio sentire le urla del re”), and other ideas that are brewing below the surface.