Salvatore Iaconesi e Oriana Persico


He, Salvatore Iaconesi, a robotics engineer, hacker, interaction designer, TED Fellow, Eisenhower Fellow, and World Yale Fellow, and she, Oriana Persico, a digital communication and inclusion expert and cyber-ecologist, observe the mutations of society following the advent of ubiquitous networks and technologies. Between poetics and politics, bodies and architectures, squats and revolutionary business models, the couple promotes a vision of the world in which art is the glue that connects science, politics, and economics. They are the authors of global performances,

publications, and works on exhibit all over the world. They teach courses such as ‘Near Future’ and ‘Transmedia Design’ at the ISIA School of Design in Florence and at ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome. They are the founders of the research center HER – Human Ecosystems Relazioni, based in Rome since 2016 and of the international network AOS – Art is Open Source, dedicated to the interconnections between art, science, and technology. //