Paola Tassetti


Paola Tassetti (1985) is an italian artist. She studied at the art academy and graduated in architecture, specializing in “landscape”. During some jurney in Kyoto and London she was attracted by the symbolism, by the archiecture of gardens and the harmony of design process in art by performing studies on canvas and temporary installations. Her research spaces in different disciplines, from biology architecture to urban landscape construction. Paola works with collage, videoart, painting, drawing, sculpture and

botanical prototypes. Her work is the result of a multicultural combination that wants to bring Italian culture and the Japanese world together. Her work is presented in a form of narration between the human scale (and proportions) and a poetic vision of botany. We remember her latest participation in Paratissima in the Bologna Art Week 2018 and the selection of her works in some important artistic prizes.