Luca Sossella


Luca Sossella (1957) studied in Bologna, Paris, and especially in the factory (library) Palmaverde owned by Roberto Roversi; in his early twenties he edited catalogs and communication of architecture exhibitions at the Design Center (Los Angeles) and has worked as a consultant for publishing industries. He initiated and directed an advertising agency which claimed to be a partner to companies, organizations and institutions, offering comprehensive advice on all communication issues. He has designed and supported in 1994 the first conference in Italy on the network and coordinated Mediaevo, a laboratory

for multimedia communication and the Internet. He directed the edition of multimedia works thanks to the involvement of different skills and professionalism transdisciplinary ranging from science and technology to the philosophical. In 2000 he founded the publishing house that bears his name with headquarters in Rome and drafting. The editorial project was created by the project between academics, scholars and researchers from disciplines related to communication. He edited and published a thousand volumes, three hundred under its own brand.

(Photo by Ribes Sappa)