The Mole di Ancona is our venue, the location where we will give launch Renaissance 4.0. But, first of all, La Mole has for centuries been the stage for the most disparate stories of the city of Ancona: it was originally a leper hospital, then converted and used for defense and later for commercial purposes. Today, the Mole is the artistic and cultural hub of the city – “Where Culture Lives”, in fact – and it will house art + b = love (?), the first festival to celebrate contamination between art and all of those things that, seemingly, have nothing to do with art.
To recap: first a leper hospital, then a defense bastion, then a commercial warehouse, then an art and culture center. And now, through this festival, the social, urban, and cultural facets seem to have gently come full circle: art + science + economics + society, and so, art + b = love (?)